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The Necessity of Having a Proper Literature Review in Academic Writing

Literature Review in Academic Papers: Guidelines for Beginners

Writing an academically sound paper requires that you always edit and restate the literature review before submission. So, what are the requirements for a literature review for an academy paper? Read through this post for guidelines!

How to Guide Someone with a Questionnaire

Now, what if you don’t even know what a literature review is? How does one go about finding information to include in a research paper? Let’s find that out by reading through this post!

  1. Basic questions

At times, you’ll get queries like, which is the proper format for writing an academic paper, do you need guidelines for that, do you even need a literature review? It is common for students to get such inquiries. With this post, you’ll no longer face such problems!

For any academic paper, at one point, there must be a literature review. The supervisor will need to go through the research paper to find sources that relate to the topic. In an academy paper, the literature review is there to show that you researched and analyzed the source material.

You’ll need to state the sources, the type, the dates, as well as the authors and the institution. But now, there will be other sections that you’ll submit after that. But what should they be like? Let’s find that out by reading through this post!

A good paper will have useful data to support your arguments. As such, you’ll need to write a quality literature review. Doing so will help you to convince the readers that the argument presented is valid. Besides, you must identify an argument that will help to maintain your reader’s attention.

Reasons for Having a Literature Review

The above info will help you know what a literature review is, the purpose of a review, and when and how to write it. Besides, you’ll also learn about the general format for an academic paper.

A literature review in an academic paper helps to support the argument that you present in the text. As seen earlier, an ‘A literature review’ is a part of the research paper. It helps to provide more information about research works present in the original source. It should provide support to the thesis statement present in the introduction section.

When writing a literature review, it should contain information from different sources such as:

  1. New studies
  2. New achievements
  3. Appropriate theories

If you have enough proof about something in your writing, you’ll get the chance to ensure that the reader can relate it to the original thesis statement. Doing so will allow you to convince the readers that you researched the information. The literature review will outline the sources that provided relevant data to support the idea presented in the introduction.

Often, academic documents would have a reference section. Often, you’ll find books as well as journals cited in the literature review section. It helps to organize your sources to avoid forgetting to include a reference in your document.

After you are through with all that, you can now leave the content editing process for the last. If you follow the above tips, you’ll be sure to present an excellent academic paper!

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